Coverts A Mostly Yellow For Shannon


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These are feathers from the second or shorter row of feathers that are found on a Scarlet Macaw’s wing. Due to their shape and size they are perfect for our use in making Full Feather Wing “Classic” or “Impressionistic” style flies. We are quite lucky that we have such a wonderful array of feathers to choose from. The feathers pictured above are what I categorize as “Yellow”. Please note the other shades of Scarlet Macaw Coverts on the menu bar to the left.

I am very fortunate in that the person I am getting these feathers from is very serious about making perfect matched pairs and has birds that have marvelous color and don’t pick at their feathers. Not to mention the fact she has a number of beautiful birds in her care that you can see pictures of by clicking on Many Feathers.

The feathers color scheme is typical as seen in the picture above (page 61 Bob Veverka’s Shannon, Tying the Classic Salmon Fly by Mike Radencich 1997) but vary quite a bit in size from small to large. It is the feather of choice for the pattern known as the Shannon a large showy fly named after the Scottish river of the same name.  They average around 6/0 and that is the size I’ll send unless I hear from you.

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