Cobblers Wax

Cobblers Wax is as essential to tying Salmon Flies as the thread.
The best Wax available for our purposes is now back in stock. Our Friend William S (Bill) Bailey has not only supplied Cobblers and White but a Cake Similar to the Thompson Tin and Overton's Wonder wax as well as Liquid Wax that can be quite handy. All Bill's products are created by him using the original recipe. Cobblers contains both Cobblers and White wax.
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Using cobblers Wax:
Break off a small piece (size of a pea). The wax has some unique properties in that it is hard at room temperature (like a rock in cold water) and will probably break your thread if you try and wax it as is. Held in your hand for a minute it becomes pliable like taffy; continue pinching and kneading to soften it to the consistency of putty and then wax your thread.  I suggest (as does P-T below) keeping them in water as they will dry out and harden over time and become difficult to work with.
Tying Wax as described by the last of the Grand Masters, T.E. Pryce-Tannatt:
“As to wax, the ordinary cobbler’s is I think, the best. Again, if one is very particular, some flies may appear to require their tying silk treated with so-called colourless (white) wax. This never grips so well as the cobbler’s wax, and deteriorates rather quickly. Either kind of wax should be kept in pieces about the size of peas in water.”
In a later chapter he suggests the use of: ”A course linen linen apron—though it may look ridiculous—is good to wipe your hands" I find good old denim works just fine...
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