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This model is a High Temp Cautery with a fixed fine tip. Unlike the other Cautery I offer the tip and battery compartment on this one are fixed so they are not readily replaceable. The batteries can be changed (carefully cutting the case, without cutting the wires then simply duct tape the case back together) but it is not recommended.

Perfect for trimming or shaping heads. You must be cautious with this as the tip gets incredibly hot. It will burn right through the gut eye if you’re not careful. Click HERE to see the heated tip. My advise is to take the batteries out, put them in a flashlight and leave it on for a hour or so. That will wear the batteries down so that you don’t have the Blazing Tip you see in this picture. I’ve used one identical to this one for about 10 years. It has gone through several sets of batteries but I’m still working on the original tip.

You must let the tip burn the material before sweeping the tip through, or the tip may break!

Also see CAUTERY Replaceable Tip and Batteries for one with replaceable tip and batteries.


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