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Shown above is 6 inch strung Chinese Neck Hackle dyed my standard Indian Crow Sub colors.

I do these with a unique process I stumbled on while making Indian Crow Sub. I did it to some old polar bear creating what I called Crowlar Bear.

Besides the Indian Crow as seen above I offer a few other color schemes on various types of hackle. Indian Crow is a red tip changing to hot orange then light orange with a black base. I don’t add the black base to IC Badger due to the presence of the natural black. Fire Tiger is patterned after pike lures of the same name with emerald green tip followed by chartreuse, then fluorescent yellow with a hot orange base. Flame generally means the base color of the feather with either hot orange then red or magenta and red on either side of the base color.

Hackle size range is as follows: White/Dyed Neck Hackle is available Large 5″-8″ Med 3″-5″, Saddle 6″-7″, Schlappin 6″-7″, Badger Neck Large 5″-7″ Med 4″-5″, Badger Saddle 4″-6″ Chinchilla (Neck Only) 4″-6″ and Grizzly (Saddle Only) 4″. If you have any questions just ask.

See pictures below for the various colors and feather types that are currently available. As of yet I don’t have all colors in all type or size. I’m working on it. I’ll be adding additional color and feather options as I complete them. Please use the color and the size selector below to purchase but only choose options based on what you see in the pictures. For example the only color schlappin is available in is Indian Crow. If you order it in any other color scheme I won’t have it.

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Indian Crow, Fire Tiger, Orange Flame

Hackle Type

5-7 Inch Saddle


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