Indian Crow Sub (Scutatus)


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I have been experimenting with various methods of making a suitable substitute for our beloved Indian Crow feather for over 20 years. Now with the assistance of computer technology and medical research I have something (quoting Dave Carne) I’m “pretty chuffed with”.
I have 3 different sizes as seen above (small, medium, large). You will get 10 feathers per package of the size ordered.

I use the white neck feather from the Ring Neck Pheasant. This particular Indian Crow sub is designed to represent subspecies scutatus with the high black base.  See also Indian Crow Sub (Granadensis)

Most people that use my sub or their own, for that matter, could enhance the look rather easily by following this simple process. Apply some saliva (spit on your index finger) to your thumb and finger, pull the feather through a few times, let it dry completely then flick it with your finger a few times. The picture below gives you a visual reference of the process and final result. I feel it makes it much more representative of the real thing:Saliva process Crow

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