"The Salmon Flyer" originated as a small, printed resource of ideas, suggestions, articles and shared interest in the fine art of Salmon Fly tying and was called "The Group", later to be titled "The Salmon Flyer". Starting with the first issue in the winter of 1988, edited by Bob Graham, it grew from a few sheets of xeroxed typing paper to a more sophisticated publication. But it always remained essentially a volunteer effort - a "labor of love" by those willing to provide the time and effort to edit, publish and mail it to its members. It always depended upon its members to submit articles to fill its pages, as well as drawings and, later, photographs, to further embellish it.

Sadly, interest in the magazine waned until the last editor was forced to lay it to rest due to lack of content. All this during a time when interest in Salmon Fly tying continued to rise, even explode.

But the information gleaned through eleven years of publication is still there and it would be a shame for it not to be available to the fly-tying public. So, after some discussion at the FFF conclave in Livingstion, Montana, summer, 2001, myself, Marvin Nolte, Judy Lehmberg and others thought it might be a good idea to make the entire eleven years of the magazine's publication available on a website - this website.

So here it is! The process of converting all these magazines to digital form will, as one might expect, take a long time - and will be performed by Marvin from his Barr Nunn, WY home, with the help of Judy and others.

Then, as Marvin sends me the text files of each issue, I will place them in this site along with any graphics and photographs which I will scan and optimize for the site.

As you can see, the volumes each have a link to the left that you can click on to be taken to that year's issues. There you will see more links which will then take you to the individual issues. Please note that only the volumes for which the digitizing is complete will have active links. If you click on a volume in the menu and nothing happens, then that volume is not yet completed. All the volumes will be done in sequential order.

So, browse this site and enjoy all the information contained within. Once the site is complete we may then add additional new articles should anyone decide to write them.

Note: In many of the articles you will see addresses and phone numbers - please be advised that many of these will no longer be in effect.

Michael D. Radencich - site designer and webmaster

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