George Kawchak Jr

My good friend George: The Kori King of Philly.

George K with fish


About me…I’ve been fly fishing for 50+ years for trout and 40+ years for Atlantic Salmon. I love my trout fishing, but Atlantic Salmon are my passion. I’ve been tying trout flies for about 45 years and hairwing Atlantic Salmon flies almost that long. My relatively recent desire to tie classic Atlantic Salmon flies lead me to my friend John McLain and over these last few years to a host of other folks compliments of the internet.


The photo I’ve included is me in 2010 with an Atlantic Salmon from Spring Rock Pool on the Dartmouth River near Gaspe, Quebec. It was 39.5″ long, 21.5″ around the girth and according to the Atlantic Salmon Federation’s “Salmometer” it is 22 pounds plus. My first over 20 and my first on a dry…sure made my day!!!



Sports psychologist Dr. Bob Rotella says the following about golf – Striving for perfection in the game is reward enough, expecting it on the course is the kiss of death…the same applies to fly tying I suppose. I have my own style and I can live with that. I will however, continue to strive for perfection, and in the meantime get some additional pictures off to you. I’ll go through what I have and go from there…soon…promise 🙂

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