Ryan Houston

My friend Ryan Houston is a Veterinary surgeon working in Co. Fermanagh in Northern Ireland but if he didn’t have to work he would spend all day fishing and tying flies.

Ryan grew up fishing the River Lagan in an active competition scene that forced him to become innovative in his fishing and fly tying. He won the ITFFA national rivers championship and represented Ireland at age 20 then 2 years later he repeated that success as captain of the team. He has fished throughout Ireland and also travelled to Scotland Wales and New Zealand

The nature of his job meant that competition Trout fishing had to take a back seat and he became increasingly addicted to Salmon fishing the pull of the pull keeps him chasing them and has a couple of hundred under my belt at this stage.

Ryan’s own site: Ryan’s Flies   and his Facebook page: RYAN HOUSTON

Enjoy his beginning slideshow:


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