Ronn Lucass Sr

Ronn and I became friends some 10 years ago when he traveled to Traverse City Michigan to purchase Ron Reinhold’s hook making business. Ron R and I had been a friends for years and he wanted me to come up and meet Ronn and witness the passing of the torch.

Ronn has become the hookmeister now and in my opinion produces the finest and widest array of blind eye salmon hooks available today.

Ronn’s website:  Bear in mind Ronn is having some issues with his website (Boy I know how that goes) which is causing problems with his email so you can always give “Old Iron Arm” a call at 503.654.0466

My friend Ronn and his friend HildaRonn & Hilda Christmas 2014



Ron Reinhold is getting Ronn’s last $10
Ronn Lucas handing Ron Reinhold the last $10 for the hook businesse




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