Half Bronze Rooster Coque



Spey Cock Hackle? As defined by the last of the Grand Masters, Dr. T. E. Pryce-Tannatt in his book How to Dress Salmon Flies:

“The soft-fibered pseudo-hackles, known as Spey-cock hackles, from the sides of the tail of certain domestic fowls. They are of various colours—viz., metallic bronzy black, plain brown, freckled brown and cinnamon, and are rather lacking in translucence, though very mobile in character. The fibers at the root of the feather are usually of a different colour to those of the main body—a grayish-brown being the commonest tint.”
The 7 to 8″ long Half Bronze Rooster Coque pictured above seems to fit that description quite well. Coque is the side tails from a rooster. It has Barbs that are stiffer and in most cases longer than Schlappen with an incredibly flexible rachis that wraps like a dream. The rachis is so tough that, my friend Bill Keough says it’s like pulling barbed wire out of the ground. Maybe that’s why it hasn’t been that available much. It’s stung so it won’t be like pulling it out of the ground.
You get a 4″ wide (measured along the bias) strip per package.

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Natural Half Bronze, Natural Black


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