Berlin Wool

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Berlin Wool is called for in many Classic patterns. Most people don’t know exactly what it is let alone know where to get it. Not only is this absolutely authentic Berlin Wool (the same material not the brand name) it’s been dyed to exacting standards using the old world methods by our Friend Bill Bailey.

You get one 1.5″ X 1.5″ card of each color as seen above. 12 Colors in all.

3 reviews for Berlin Wool

  1. Maik from Germany (verified owner)

    I ordered these assortment a few weeks ago as body material for tying classic spey flies…..
    The quality of the wool is outstanding…..i was searching a long time in different shops around the world and this is de best material i get so far…..

    It was my first order, but definetly not the last…..

    Best regards from germany

    I hop you can understand my “english“

  2. gregg.gosselin (verified owner)

    Got mine and I will order another, as I want one for my collection. Simple purchase that gives me just about all the options I need.

  3. Henry Denson (verified owner)

    I ordered this product recently for tying traditional spey flies, and am very happy with my purchase. This Berlin Wool comes in generous quantities, has great color, is very high quality, and is definitely worth the money.

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