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Rocky “Dr Rock” Hammond, Pres of the Salmon Fly Guild introduced me to his unique method of mounting flies. It’s amazingly simple yet very effective. Thank you Rocky.

Base Ball Card display boxes make a wonderful storage system as well as a really easy way to mount and display flies up to 6/0. As you can see they are crystal clear and both front and back of the fly is visible. The cavity is .180″ or slightly less than 1/5 of an inch deep and in most cases will not crush the fly. The cavity is the same on both boxes. The Deluxe is a little thicker plastic and has a magnet held hinged lid. Both are UV protected

The Standard Box has a snap in lid and the Deluxe has a tongue and slot hinge on one end and a magnetic closure at the other. Both are quite secure.

To use you simply push the hook point into the vinyl dot, peel off the backing and press the dot on to the inside of the box cavity in the position you want then snap the lid in place.

The 3/8″ Vinyl Dot is included with each box. The flies are obviously not included.

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